In celebration of our 5th fundraising year, we wanted to truly honour those brave children and their families who are currently battling, or have battled cancer.

We will climb 5 mountains in the Canadian Rockies over 5 days. Each mountain dedicated to their incredible stories and to raising awareness of their unique cancers.

Mount Fairview (9,000 feet)

Liam, Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumour (AT/RT) Brain Tumour

Liam Fairview Mountain

Liam was just 10 months old when his parents noticed something was wrong. Their normally smiley little boy became unusually irritable and began vomiting. First thought to be a virus, Liam started to have twitches on the left side of his face. After a MRI, it was discovered the Liam was suffering from a rare and massive brain tumour that was ¼ the size of his brain. After a 10-hour surgery and countless months of high dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplants after each, in March of 2016 Liam was considered NED (no evidence of disease).

Unfortunately during a routine follow-up MRI in May 2017, he was diagnosed with a reoccurrence. He had to have another brain surgery and then his parents made the decision to relocate from Alberta back to Ontario to be under the world-class care of SickKids. Liam will continue monthly chemotherapy sessions until he turns 5. Through this all, Liam defies all odds and is a beacon of hope and happiness despite all the treatments.

We will climb Mount Fairview in honour of Liam.

Liam Fairview Mountain
Bronson Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel (7,750 feet)

Bronson, Bilateral Adrenal Neuroblastoma

Bronson Tower of Babel

Bronson started his relationship with SickKids at only 8 hours old, when he was diagnosed with a rare stage 4S Bilateral Adrenal Neuroblastoma with metastases to the liver. This rare disease affects less than 50 patients worldwide, but that was no reason for Bronson to quit. At 5 days old he began chemotherapy and over the next few months, underwent several invasive treatments and a liver transplant, donated from his big sister.

Finally, after living the first few months of his life at SickKids receiving unparalleled around the clock care, Bronson was ready to go home. He is now a healthy and happy boy, only returning to SickKids twice yearly for checkups and to say hello to his favourite staff.

We will climb the Tower of Babel in honour of Bronson.

Mount Niblock (9,760 feet)

Selena, Wilms Tumour

Selena Mount Niblock

Selena’s journey through her rare childhood cancer started with a simple tummy ache and a “Mommy, I need to see the doctor”. After lengthy examinations, scans and ultrasounds a mass on her right kidney was discovered and SickKids was informed to expect Selena shortly. Within two days of arrival at SickKids a definitive diagnosis of Wilms Tumour was made and almost immediately a team of specialists mapped out an aggressive treatment plan.

Selena underwent over 8 hours of surgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible, which had adhered to most of the organs in her abdomen. Post surgery, Selena braved her way through 36 weeks of highly aggressive chemotherapy, all the while singing, dancing and projecting her positive energy to everyone she encountered. In June of 2016 Selena and her friends and family celebrated her “end of chemo” party. She is now singing and dancing her way towards a cancer-free future.

We will climb Mount Niblock in honour of Selena.

Selena Mount Niblock
Jordan Mount Whyte

Mount Whyte (9,785 feet)

Jordan, Infantile Leukemia

Jordan Mount Whyte

Jordan had an incredibly rough start to life when her parents noticed unusual bruising on her torso at only four months. When they found out it was cancer, Jordan was transferred to SickKids. Within a day, doctors confirmed that Jordan had infantile leukemia, an extremely rare form of pediatric cancer.

Between intensive chemotherapy treatments as an in-patient at SickKids, the leukemia returning, a bone marrow transplant from her big brother Jacob, a second relapse, and an experimental treatment where she received her own re-engineered T-cells to stimulate her body to beat the cancer, Jordan has grown into a feisty little girl. She is always quick to give a smile or a cuddle, play with her brothers and has reached all of her age-appropriate milestones. She faces insurmountable odds and continues to bravely fight.

We will climb Mount Whyte in honour of Jordan.

Mount Temple (11,627 feet)

Lacey, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Lacey Mount Temple

Lacey’s mom knew something was wrong in the fall 2014 when Lacey wasn’t her usual, energetic self. Then, her mom noticed the lump on the side of her neck. For months Lacey’s family searched for a diagnosis. Finally, she was taken to SickKids and less than a week later, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Lacey completed four rounds of chemotherapy at SickKids. Even though she felt the common side effects, she stayed true to her resilient self and found the energy to participate in hospital activities. She enjoyed playing with the volunteers and making music videos. Now that her treatment is over, she misses the friends that she made from her health care team. As soon as she was well enough, Lacey went back to gymnastics and started competing again.

We will climb Mount Temple in honour of Lacey.

Lacey Mount Temple