1 in 2 Canadians are expected to battle cancer in their lifetime. It impacts millions of Canadians each year, including thousands of our most vulnerable and innocent - children. The sad part is that this statistic is no longer shocking nor newsworthy. We have come to accept the fact that cancer will likely touch our lives, but never believe it could affect someone so young and could take away their childhood.

No child should ever suffer

Summit for SickKids was founded in 2010 by Adam McClare and Hart Togman to raise much-needed funds for SickKids’ Oncology Department and Cancer Genetics Research Program. Inspired by family and friends who have bravely battled cancer, it became our mission to make a difference in the fight.

Taking the battle to new heights

To raise money for this remarkable organization that is truly making a difference, we climb some of the world’s tallest and most challenging mountains. In the 8 years since we started this journey together, we have climbed around the world from Argentina to Tanzania, raising over $155,000 in the process. But that is not enough.

We won’t stop until we raise $250,000

We will keep climbing and keep pushing the limits until we raise $250,000 for the cause. You can help by making a donation or by becoming a climber and fundraising. Every dollar and every step matters.

FIVE FOR FIVE - 5 majestic mountains for 5 incredible children. Learn more. BECOME A CLIMBER - Push your limits while making a difference. Learn more. DONATE TODAY - Join us in raising $50,000 to help end childhood cancer. Learn more.